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Angry Birds 2 Hack Cheats For Unlimited Lives & Gems

Angry Birds 2 Hack Cheats For Unlimited Lives & Gems

About Angry Birds 2 Hack

Just like I said a while ago, Angry Birds 2 is also one of the hack games and can be manipulated. People become very competitive as they want to reach the high levels faster than their so friends so they tend to research on angry birds 2 hacks.

As it is a multi-level game, players tend to cheat and work their way to their advantage.  If you know the nature of the game, then you know what to do or what do you need to collect so that you can advance faster in this hacked game.

About Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds was one of the first game apps that became popular and addictive. This is due to this fact that the sequel Angry birds 2 were also developed in 2015 as the 12th game in the series game of Angry Birds.

It is a puzzle video game made by the game developer from Rovio Entertainment. Like some of the game apps, this belongs to the hack games or games that can be manipulated.

For an in-game currency, it is free-to-play with optional purchases. What differs this game to the first version is that this gameplay introduces Silver, a new bird. In multi-stage levels, spells are used instead of power-ups and gameplay.

In this game, players still use a slingshot to launch the birds at the nearest structure just like in the 1st version of this game. However, the difference is that in the 2nd version you have the choice to select the birds you want to use from the deck.




In this game you will be fighting with pigs that are green in colors and have different sizes that you can defeat by hitting with objects or birds and to accelerate from level to level, players need to use angry birds 2 hack.

How It Works

Why does hacking is necessary for some? It is simply because, with Angry Birds 2 Hack, you will be allowed to get all the in-app purchases for free.

  • Click on “Online Hack” red button
  • Go to the website hack
  • Submit the required information and click ‘generate’
  • Click ‘verify’ to activate a cheat
  • Complete any one offer to receive rewards
  • Enjoy!


  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Banning prevention
  • Auto Feed (in progress)
  • Auto Win Game (in progress)
  • Automatic Update
  • Support All Devices
  • Connection Encryption Script
  • Easy-to-use Interface

Tips and Tricks

In this segment, I will show you tips and tricks on how to make this hack works. Take note of these guidelines as you play the angry birds 2 with angry birds 2 hacks.

  • Choose the Right Birds

The first step in winning the game is knowing your bet, or in this case, knowing your birds. You need to know the potentials in each bird, this includes its strengths and weaknesses so that you will know which bird to use in each competition or levels.

The Angry Bird 2, as a hack game, has a wide variety of birds you can choose from the previous version and the new one.

  • Use the Right Spells

Once you get to a certain level in Angry Birds 2, you can unlock spells and use it. However, these spells have a limited amount you can use, so you should only use this when you are really confused with the level that you are forced to play again.

  • Boss Fights and Environmental Threats

The Angry Bird 2 makes some changes from the usual game format in many ways. Each stage has more than one destructible puzzle you can solve. In this way, you can familiarize with the set-up and the environmental dangers that you can use to your advantage.
Some of the levels force you to fight with a boss, so what you can do is for you to do what you can to acquire structures to land right on top of the bosses or you can force them to get right off the stage in itself and the boss will be instantly killed.

  • Destructiometer Must Be Full

The meter in the top right corner is called the Destructiometer. If it is filled up at the highest level, you can have a free bird at the recent stage that you are playing. But how are you going to get this meter full?

You can have two options; first, you can be very destructive with your efforts in launching the bird and score high enough to have the meter filled up. Second, is simple, you can just smash through any golden pigs that are lying around on a stage so you can instantly fill up the meter.

  • Log- In and Complete Chapters

Like most hack games, Angry Birds 2 will reward you if you log-in every day. If you do not want to spend real cash on gems, you just have to wait till the next day to get yourself some without spending a dime.

You can also link your Angry Birds account to your account in Facebook so you can get free gems all for just linking your two accounts.

  • Tap on Other Sites

There are a lot of sites that can help you advance in this hacked game. Mashable gave players clues and ideas you need before you want to venture yourself in the Arena Mode and compete or challenge other players.


In every hack game, the gameplay can be manipulated to your advantage and Angry Birds 2 is not an exception. It is a fun, exciting and addicting game to play. With the help of Angry Birds 2 Hack, players can now have access to unlimited gems which give them lots of advantage.
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The Angry Birds 2 Hack has been found to be compatible with both iOS and Android. It also has the user-friendly interface.  If you are very competitive in this game, you just have to follow the tips and tricks presented so you can advance yourself more in this game.  Now you can enjoy the game for free so you do not have to spend any dime to become a strong player in the Angry Birds 2 game. All the best of luck!

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