WWE Mayhem Hack Gold Review

The WWE Mayhem Hack is a tool that’s useful for getting limitless gold and cheats without paying real money. This hacking tool works well online and you don’t need any downloading from a 3rd party source. It’s also possible to access the different cheats available without connecting your phone to a PC via USB port.

About game

WWE Mayhem is a project of Reliance Big-Entertainment UK Private Ltd, it was officially released on Dec 14th, 2017. The game consists of a strong graphics-engine, meaning it would be great to get a high-end device which runs smoothly.

Currently, it’s accessible from both Android and IOS platforms including the latest version 8.0 OS. The game’s storyline is put into multiple seasons and episodes, with each session consisting of 3 different episodes. You can also choose from three difficulty levels that are on offer depending on your gaming level of expertise.

Why need a hack tool?

WWE Mayhem Hack Why use a hack tool

The tool is useful for purchasing boosters to secure your victory, these boosters are available in three groups including:

  • Heal. It reinstates your superstar by reviving their health after attacks, you should use this hack when about to die.
  • Upgrade. With this, you can enhance skills, powers and do major damage with hits. It’s also good for KOs.
  • Boost. It shall enhance everything for your fighter, including movement, speed, and attack. You will turn into a hybrid-fighter.




Additionally, the hack tool allows you to upgrade your superstars by improving their synergy and that of other teammates. This will ultimately result in better cooperation on the battle-ring, as they would be able to synchronize their moves simultaneously.

When playing WWE Mayhem, a high synergy rate is a key to winning team matches. You can create an ample atmosphere through hacks in order to become unstoppable and defeat various opponents. The hack allows you to improve aspects such as strike-force, healing power, resilience and response time of your WWE superstar.

What is WWE Mayhem Hack?

The WWE Mayhem hacking tool allows you to get limitless packages within the game in order to improve player experience. Additionally, when put to correct use it will gain you access to free gems and gold to reach higher levels. This tool is simple to use and allows you to add Unlimited Gold to your account without putting any effort.

WWE Mayhem Hack What is it

Users will get limitless resources through just a few clicks on their PC. The tool is absolutely safe and undetectable with the ability to hide your IP so that game-servers won’t detect it. Furthermore, it’s compatible with all IOS and Android devices meaning jailbreak or rooting won’t be necessary.
There are 3 levels of difficulty in the game. The first is Easy Mode, where the target rating and reward are relatively low compared to other available difficulties. Next, Medium has about 4 fights and runs for two seasons, though the energy for each node remains one.

Finally, Hard is the highest target rating with equally high rewards. Though you’ll typically try a lot before getting it done, which is why using the hacking tool is advisable.


This online game contains tons of amazing features and details, which make it a favorite among beginners. For instance, the loot cases feature consists of multiple categories each with its own unique reward system. The rarest of all loots guarantees users a higher reward opportunity.

WWE Mayhem Hack Features

As a player, you can access a loot case for opening your game daily and these can improve database numbers. Furthermore, some loot cases are only compatible with certain kinds of events and are usually the hardest of them all. But Mayhem cheats strategy can easily unlock them.

Another great feature of the game is the 4hrs’ suit, open after every 4hrs and is the lowest case available. With it, you can check the superstar’s section to determine which players you’ve successfully brought along using the hacking tool.

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WWE Mayhem Hacking Instructions

  • Combo-offensive. You can pull this hack by pressing Tap, Tap and Swipe or Swipe, Tap, Tap. The movie focuses on a pair of 3-swing combos leading into a heavy landing.
  • Special reversals. You should wait for a special attack from the opponent and then use banked-power for a reversal.
  • Claiming freebies. There’s a free loot-case available each day on the Loot tab, including daily login bonuses for multiple consecutive plays.
  • Opponent stunning. Stun occurs when you successfully block a Heavy, Forceful or Special attack. You should employ special attacks after stunning an opponent, plus note that Low-Health Stun can’t undergo reversal by most superstars.


WWE Mayhem Hack Benefits

There are various benefits of using this WWE Mayhem Hack tool to access new cheats. But the best thing is that you don’t have to download the game first from app stores like google play. Other benefits include:

  • Anonymous gaming through the IP anti-detection system
  • Each new game version undergoes an update
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Available 24/7
  • Ability to add large amounts of gold, gems and coins
  • Safe playing with no risk of malware, virus or Trojan

Who needs it?

This hacking tool is suitable for anyone who wants to access new game levels, player cheats and bonuses effortlessly. You can also use it for upgrading your WWE superstars by enhancing their synergy levels with other teammates. Likewise, it’s possible to purchase important materials for your player to master different moves and techniques using this hack tool.

WWE Mayhem Hack Who need it

Your superstar will gain new skill levels in order to have a competitive edge against competitors. Those who prefer flawless online gaming, without first downloading the game onto their device will also find these hacks useful. Since you don’t need to download the game you are at less risk of encountering malware that can damage your device.


WWE Mayhem is an online game that can be made better by using hacks to access gems, gold and incentives. These hacks are 100pct safe and compatible with any device you may have whether it’s an IOS or Android phone.

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With some few steps, you’ll be able to get Limitless Resources to give your superstar an edge over other players. Likewise, you don’t need any jailbreaking or rooting of your device in order to start off with the hacks. No downloading also reduces the risk of your phone or PC being taken down by malware when using The WWE Mayhem Hack.

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